#6 The Cold Shoulder

Have you gotten the Cold Shoulder? Have you given the Cold Shoulder? You probably have done both, but did you know why it’s called the cold shoulder? We’ll answer that question this week on the podcast..

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#5 Deadlines

You probably have a few deadlines you are facing right now! Deadlines are a fact of life in the modern working world. But why such a dark word? Are deadlines really a matter of life or death? I hope not! We talk about the origin of “deadline” in this episode.

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#4 White Elephants

Do you own any white elephants? You may not think so now, but after you hear this podcast you might change your mind. What is a white elephant and what does that name mean? We answer those questions this week on the podcast.

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#3 Pigs Might Fly!

Well maybe not under normal circumstances, but this is a really common and really old idiom. Where does it come from, and what does it mean? And why are we picking on pigs?

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#2 Southpaw!

If you are left-handed you have probably been called a Southpaw. It’s such a common word you might not have even thought of where it came from. But when you think about it what does it mean? South and paw are just not worlds to describe humans! 

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#1 – Quarantine!

This word has been used a lot in recent weeks and months all over the world. It’s an unpleasant word, but where does it come from? What is the history of the quarantine? In this episode of Where Did That Come From? we look at the origins of Quarantine.