#60 Throwing Shade

Maybe you’ve had someone throw shade at you before. When you wanted them to recognize your effort, they just threw shade. We talk about this new but common idiom on today’s 3 Minute English.

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#59 Do Me A Favor

Has anyone ever asked you to do them a favor? I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, but maybe you didn’t know how to take it. Is is polite or direct and what are some other ways to soften requests? We talk about requests in this episode of 3 Minute English.

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#58 Calling It Off!

Has anyone ever said “let’s call it off?” How about “I’m going to call it.” These are usages of the phrasal verb “call off.” We talk about using that verb in this episode of 3 Minute English.

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#57 How Will This Turn Out?

You may have noticed that a lot of native speakers use the phrasal verb “turn out” often. But it isn’t easy to use this phrase! We’ll talk about how to use “turn out” and what it means in this week’s episode.

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#56 The Two Meanings of “Go For It!”

You have probably heard this phrase a lot. We use it everyday. But did you know that it has two very different meanings. We’ll talk about these meaning in this week’s episode.

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#55 The Origin of Quarantine

This has been a very common and very unpopular word these past few months. Where does it come from? This episode I give you a little about the history and origin of the word quarantine. We also kick off a new podcast with this Episode! Find the link to “Where Did That Come From” here.

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#54 Social Distancing or Quarantine?

Unfortunately some new words are coming into regular use related to the corona virus. You’ve probably been hearing about Social distancing, Shutter-in-place, lockdown and quarantine. What do they mean and what are the important differences?

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#53 Recall, Remember or Recollect?

These three words have very similar meanings. Which one should you use when and what are some of the differences? We talk about these three words in this week’s episode.

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#52 Admit or Accept

Which would you use? Well, it depends on the situation. People often confuse the usage of these two words, but using the right one will really help get your message across. We talk about that in this week’s episode.

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#51 Raise the Bar

This year we’re going to try to raise the bar at VenturEnglish. But what does it mean to raise the bar, set the bar or lower the bar. We talk about this useful and common idiom this week.

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#50 New Year’s Resolutions

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? Have you ever wondered what a New Year’s resolution is? We’ll talk about resolutions and the resolve to make them happen. What will your resolution be this year?

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≠49 Over It! or All Over It?

Which one is which? When do you use each one? Does it even matter? “Over it” and “all over it” are two very different idioms. In this episode we talk about how to use them well!

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#48 Sick and Tired, Fed Up and Done!

What are you sick and tired of? Are you fed up with work, life? Are you just done? I hope not, but this week’s podcast is about how to use these words and phrases.

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#47 The Word “Halloween”

This is the time of year we’re all thinking about trick or treating, ghosts and ghouls. But what about that word, Halloween? It’s a strange name for a holiday! Where did it come from and how did it get spread all over the world?

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#46 Using What and How (Recast from season 1)

What” and “how” are both question starters, part of the 5 W’s and 1 H. But their meanings can sometimes seem very close, and it may be difficult to decide which word to use in a question. A common mistake is asking “how do you think?” instead of “what do you think?” In this episode, we talk about when to use both of these words.

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#45 Using the Verb “Inform”

We use the verb “to inform” often in business English, but it is difficult to use it correctly. We’ll talk about how to use this verb effectively in this episode.

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#44 – Our Apologies

How can you apologize when you do something wrong? Is it different in business and personal life? What can you say that won’t make things worse? Here are some ideas from 3 Minute English!

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#43 How Many Ways Can You Say: I Don’t Know?

Nobody likes to admit they don’t know something. So we try to soften the information so we don’t feel so bad! In this episode, we talk about some ways to say “I don’t know” in English. Listen for them, and you’ll hear them all the time. Maybe too often!

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#42 Hindsight is 20/20

Do you have eyes in the back of your head? Well, most of us don’t so hindsight can be difficult. But it can also be important in business. How can you use the idiom “hindsight is 20/20”?

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#41 From the Get Go!

Have you ever wondered what a “get go” is? Or how about when exactly is “early on” in a project? In this episode, we look at the meanings and how to use phrases like “from the get go”, “from the outset” and “early on.” 

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#39 Use It or Lose It!

I thought being under budget was a good thing! Then I heard “use it or lose it!” Have you ever heard that? Well in business it has a special meaning related to money and budgets!

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#38 Go Ahead!

Has anyone ever told you to go ahead? Have you tried to get the go-ahead to start a new project? In this episode, we’ll talk about some of the uses for the phrasal verb “go ahead.”

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#37 Heads Up or Head Up?

Heads up and head up. Have you heard either of these two phrases before? Maybe you’ve heard both of them? Will talk about what they mean in this episode.

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#36 Shake Things Up or Rock the Boat

Which type of person are you? If you aren’t sure, give a listen to this episode to find out how to use these expressions. They could come in handy!

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#35 Tagging Verbs with “Up”

Why do we say “open up,” “finish up” or “pay up?” Are these just more confusing phrasal verbs? Well not quite. On today’s podcast, we’ll talk about the intensifier “up.” Go to the transcript page for a partial list of verbs which we often use with up as an intensifier. Of course, there are many more!

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#33 Grow, Raise or Grow Up?

Have you ever been confused about which of these three words to use? Their meanings are very similar, but their usages are very different. In this episode, we give some tips about using these three verbs.

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#32. Consider, Discuss and Research – Do They Need “About”?

These three verbs are often followed by the preposition “about”. But is that correct? We’ll look at the usage of these three verbs in this episode.

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#31. As Far As, or As Long As?

These two idioms sound a lot alike, and they may seem to mean the same thing. But they are not interchangeable. In this podcast, we talk about the difference between “as far as” and “as long as.”

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#30. I Need It Yesterday!

Welcome to season two of  “3 Minute English!” I hope you enjoy the new season of English tips. You might have heard someone tell you “I need this report yesterday!” Were they crazy, confused or just using bad English? Well, maybe none of these. We’ll talk about this idiom today.

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#29. Don’t Care OR Don’t Worry?

The words “care” and “worry” seem like they should be interchangeable. But are they? In this episode, we talk about the differences between these two words.


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