#55 The Origin of Quarantine

This has been a very common and very unpopular word these past few months. Where does it come from? This episode I give you a little about the history and origin of the word quarantine. We also kick off a new podcast with this Episode! Find the link to “Where Did That Come From” here.

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#54 Social Distancing or Quarantine?

Unfortunately some new words are coming into regular use related to the corona virus. You’ve probably been hearing about Social distancing, Shutter-in-place, lockdown and quarantine. What do they mean and what are the important differences?

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#53 Recall, Remember or Recollect?

These three words have very similar meanings. Which one should you use when and what are some of the differences? We talk about these three words in this week’s episode.

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#52 Admit or Accept

Which would you use? Well, it depends on the situation. People often confuse the usage of these two words, but using the right one will really help get your message across. We talk about that in this week’s episode.

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#51 Raise the Bar

This year we’re going to try to raise the bar at VenturEnglish. But what does it mean to raise the bar, set the bar or lower the bar. We talk about this useful and common idiom this week.

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#50 New Year’s Resolutions

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution? Have you ever wondered what a New Year’s resolution is? We’ll talk about resolutions and the resolve to make them happen. What will your resolution be this year?

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≠49 Over It! or All Over It?

Which one is which? When do you use each one? Does it even matter? “Over it” and “all over it” are two very different idioms. In this episode we talk about how to use them well!

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