#41 From the Get Go – Transcript

Last week at a weekly progress meeting we talked about some of the problems that have come up in a recent project. My coworker pointed out that we should have predicted these problems early on. She said “if we’d have considered these problems from the get go we wouldn’t be where we are today.” “Yes, was true, we all agreed. If we knew from the outset what we know now we wouldn’t have as many problems. But as they say hindsight is 20/20!

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There were some phrases in that first comment that may be new to you and may even be a little confusing. My coworker mentioned that we should have considered the problems from the get go. Then we all agreed that if we knew everything we know now from the outset we would have been more successful. What are these phrases “from the get go” and “from the outset”? What do they mean? 

Well there is one more hint in the comment. My coworker also said we should have predicted the problems early on. Have you heard this term – “early on”?

Well, maybe by now you know that these phrases have almost the same meaning. In fact “from the outset” and “from the get go” mean exactly the same thing. They both mean from the beginning or at the beginning. Outset refers to when you “set out” to do something. To be honest, I don’t know where “get go” comes from, but the phrases both mean at the beginning.

“Early on” could mean at the beginning too, but “early on” sounds more like at an early stage or shortly after a project has started. So its meaning could be a little broader and that makes the phrase a little softer too.

So those are some good phrases to use your the next meeting. From the get go, from the outset and early on. But did you notice the idiom in the comment, “They say hindsight is 20/20? We’ll talk about this one next week! 

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