#36 Shake Things Up or Rock the Boat – transcript

Are you the type of person who likes to shake things up a bit? Or do you prefer not to rock the boat? Or maybe you are wondering why I’m asking you about shaking boats! Well if this question isn’t clear, it’s because there are a couple expressions that you may not be familiar with. Did you hear them? Let me repeat the question. Are you the type of person who likes to shake things up a bit? Or do you prefer not to rock the boat? Did you hear them this time?

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Well, maybe this time you heard the idiom “rock the boat.”This is a pretty common idiom in business, but what does it mean? Have a party on the boat? _Not exactly. Actually rocking the boat is usually negative. We don’t usually want to rock the boat. To rock the boat means to disrupt the balance of something, and like a boat, that something might be easy to top over. If we rock the boat and it tips over there will be trouble! So rocking the boat is usually something to avoid. 

Maybe you also heard “shake things up.” Let episode we talked about adding “up” to verbs. In this case “shake up” means to shake completely really cause a shake! so Shake things up is an expression that means cause some change or even trouble or at least ruffled feathers! In other words, when we shake things up, some people will not like the bold changes we are suggesting.

So that’s how to use Don’t rock the boat” and “Shake things up.” Which type of person are you? Well, no matter what type of person you are you can use these phrases – maybe in your next meeting! 

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