#33 Grow, Raise or Grow Up? Transcript

First of all, let me say thanks to everyone who has waited for the podcast to return. I’m really happy to be back, finally, and I am looking forward to our future podcasts. At VenturEnglish, we are also building online English courses, seminars, individual training sessions and more. We’ll have information on that soon, but for now, let’s get on with the podcast!

I was speaking to a friend recently about this podcast and our company VenturEnglish. She told me about some of the problems she has when studying English. Everyone’s experience is unique, but some problems are very similar. Then she asked me “how do you plan to ‘grow up’ VenturEnglish?” 

I’m Paul Preston and this is three minute English, a podcast in English, about English for English learners. 

No my friend’s question wasn’t rude or direct. It wasn’t inappropriate at all. So why did I have trouble answering? Well, because I wasn’t sure what she meant. Did you notice which phrases caused the trouble? Well, it was a phrasal verb actually. She asked about how we planned to “grow up” the company.  But “grow up” is not a good choice here. Grow up is what a child or young person does. It means moving from childhood or immaturity to adulthood or maturity.  Usually, we use it only when the subject is children or young people. For example “My children are growing up so fast!” or “When my son entered college he had to grow up very fast.” I can also say “I grew up watching Star Wars movies.”

Well if the children grow up, then what verb should be used for the parents? We can’t say “We grew up our children to help others.” We have to use the verb “to raise” That is “My wife and I raised our children to help others. 

So grow up for the children, and raise for the parents. But how about for companies? What would be a better option here? Well, usually when we talk about growing companies we are not thinking about a maturity level, so both raise and grow up won’t work. But the answer is simpler than that. All you need to use is “grow” The company can grow, but we can also grow our company. Grow just means to get larger, and that’s what Venture English will do, I hope! So my friend should just say “How do you plan to grow VenturEnglish?“

But there is one more verb we can use in this situation. The verb  “build” is also common when talking about increasing company size. So my friend could’ve said: 2How do you plan to build VenturEnglish?”  

Well, this is exactly how we plan to build VenturEnglish. and we’re so happy to have you. If you have a chance please rate 3 Minute English at the iTunes store. It helps us get noticed! And remember to check our online courses and seminar information at venturenglish.com

Finally, if you have a question about English, email me. I’d love to hear your questions, and it gives me great ideas for future podcasts.

I’m Paul Preston. thanks for joining me for “3 Minute English.”

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