10 Responses to “3 Minute English! podcast comments and requests”

  1. Masayoshi in Baltimore class says:

    New episodes haven’t been uploaded since last November !!
    I’m looking forward to hearing the new episodes:)

    • paul says:

      Yes Masayoshi! Good to hear from you, and you are right! I hope you enjoyed the old episodes. I’ll start getting new ones up there from Monday… and I’m planning to change the web page a bit and start adding the transcripts too. So much to do… so little time! Thanks for listening!

  2. Muraz says:

    Hello , where can we find the transcripts , please ?

    • paul says:

      Hi Muraz, Thanks for asking! You can find them on the home page link labelled “podcast transcripts” on venturenglish.com, or you can just click here

  3. Nicole says:

    Hello Paul,
    thanks for your hint to these podcasts. I like them, especially as they are funny and entertaining :-).
    Have a nice weekend, Nicole

  4. leran ning says:

    Hi, Paul. New episodes have podcast transcripts, I’m very happy, because of I can listen and then check the detail in transcripts, it is more easy to learn. thank you for that!

    • paul says:

      Hi Leran, Sorry for the delay, but you’ll be happy to hear that more new episodes with transcripts are starting now. Thanks for listening! Paul

  5. H T says:

    Hi Paul,
    It’s the first time I listen to your podcast and I like it very much. Just a very small request. The bell is kind of too loud. They scared me. And I don’t listen to just one but many episodes a time, so you can imagine how I feel over that many loud bells. Could it be possible to lower the volume of the bells or use another sound effect that is more soothing? Thanks a lot.

    • paul says:

      Dear HT, Yes! I have left the podcast for awhile but I do plan to get back to it. I know the mixing of the audio effects was very bad. I’ll do my best to improve it when I start the podcasts again. Thank you so much for your comment and I apologize for the long delay!

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