You’ve studied business English, so you know the gap between classroom talk and conference room talk.

We want to fix that!

We know you improve faster when you use real English. More challenging? Yes! but with VenturEnglish you’ll build the skill and confidence to speak your mind!

Can you start today?


You’ve decided that improving your English is important, and we think your right! So let’s think about why for a moment. Do you want to be able to travel? communicate with your coworkers abroad? Build strong global business relationships? Enjoy good food? See exotic places? Negotiate good deals? Good English skills are going to help with all of these goals and many more personal goals you might have.

At Venture we know you want to focus on specific goals so we build our classes with your goals in mind.

What can you expect from a Venturenglish course?

  • Practice in realistic business and social situations.
  • Exposure to real English used everyday in offices around the world.
  • Too polite or too casual? Learn the right register for the right situations
  • Targetted idiom and vocabulary practice. Learn the words and phrases you will need

Integrated listening practice. Listen and react in realistic situations with realistic comments